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Mr. Ron Elferink, Mr. George Pelgrim and Mr. Robert Heyer

(left to right) CFO - Mr. Ron Elferink. Owner and CEO - Mr. George Pelgrim. ICC Managing Director - Mr. Robert Heyer.

Mr. George Pelgrim - ICC Warehouse in Pointe Blanche

The newly renovated entrance of the ICC warehouse.

Nichirei Carib NV dba ICC Cargo is glad to announce that, on March 1st 2019, in the company of their employees and stakeholders, reopened its ultra modern OPP Pelgrim warehouse after having suffered major back to back catastrophes which totally destroyed  their buildings.

September 6th, 2017, our beautiful island was devastated by Hurricane Irma and no words could ever describe the damage and hurt caused to St. Maarten, it’s people and

 On May 5th, 2018, a fire further totally destroyed our warehouses and offices.

“Seeing our employees, while they all had their own personal and family hardships resulting from Irma, band together and work day and night to ensure operations continued as soon as possible, is something I still feel proud of every day”, said owner Mr. George Pelgrim.

The hurricane damage by the port and warehouse on September 6th, 2017.

The complete destruction of the warehouse on May 5th, 2018.

Mr. George Pelgrim - ICC Warehouse Fire in Pointe Blanche
Mr. George Pelgrim - ICC Warehouse Fire in Pointe Blanche
Mr. George Pelgrim - ICC Warehouse During Hurricane Irma in 2017

George Pelgrim further added, “we made a commitment that all of our operations had to continue within days under makeshift conditions so that not one employee had to be laid off and all salaries were to be paid in full, despite both catastrophes."

Mr. George Pelgrim - ICC Warehouse in St. Maarten

 9 months of hard work, reconstruction  and upgrading resulted that today ICC Cargo is proud to announce that our new strategic state of the art Cargo Warehouse is now open for business  and boasts 12 off-loading ramps within a entirely new 20,000 square ft area plus a brand new small parcels section.

 Mr. Robert Heyer, Managing Director of ICC Cargo added, “First of all I would like to  thank our employees  and Team Geo Design NV whose work and relentless efforts and dedication have made it possible to achieve the impossible. We also wish to thank our principals Tropical Shipping, Carib Trans and their respective customers who have continuously worked together with our group of companies and kept their faith that our team would rebuild, restore and even better our services and facilities”.

Mr. George Pelgrim - ICC Warehouse in St. Maarten - Mr. Robert Heyer and ICC Team

The hard working ICC team celebrating the opening of their new warehouse.

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